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MMDT7CXU3SFixed a problem where the last chat time was not recorded in a clean contact list correctly.
SACR7WD68ELogging in and out multiple times causes a Location doc previously deleted to be seen by the client.
SACR7WD5MSAn API call to an Advanced server for user location info displays less information than what is in the clients preferences.
SACR7WD6J3Fixed a problem where the location plugin would not load.
SACR7WD6SMLeaving the client and coming back to it over time may create a duplicate of the location you are at.
SACR7WC335Fixed an intermittent problem where the City and Timezone were missing when retrieving location information from ST Advanced.
SACR7WD5DTPrior to this fix, an old location was displayed in the location bar when launching the client in a new location.
SACR7WC78GNew Geographic location populates name with City field from last location.
HDAN82WQ4QThe Lotus Sametime client, running stand-alone or embedded in Notes, can cause unnecessary load on a Lotus Domino server retrieving the user's...
CSMH7X8QHEThe Lotus Sametime client, either running stand-alone or embedded in Notes, can cause unnecessary load on a Lotus Domino server when the client reads...
JBAA7X8MK8Error "NullPointerException during logging" was displayed after deleting the location information from the Advanced Database and the...
JBAA7X8KVQPrior to this fix, MAC addresses were treated as different locations if the case changed.
BMAS78WTWVAfter appending message to chat history, resize the chat window to make the chat history scroll appear.
CSWN7XYKVBPrior to this fix, Javascript was allowed to run from a chat transcript when contained within a URL.
CSWN7WFHFRFixed a problem where the last chat statistics were not remembered.
JPAS837TW6Prior to this fix, tabbed chats were not minimized on incoming chats.
PPRT7XHP9SFixed an intermittent problem where the scroll bar window would disappear when using a tab chat.
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